Draft Quality - Reopening

To avoid off flavors and possible contamination with your draft beer system…


If your draft beer system was NOT “hibernated” properly by following the Brewer’s Association (BA) recommendations for extended bar/restaurant shutdown, AHFP recommends taking these steps before serving draft beer.


  1. A complete cleaning of your entire system utilizing these basic steps:
    1. Complete break down and cleaning all external equipment to include faucets, couplers, and exposed beer lines.
    2. Using a 3% caustic solution.
    3. RINSE WITH WATER to remove all solution from lines until PH level matches water.
    4. Ensure gas source is turned on and regulators set to correct PSI.
    5. Tap kegs and prime the system.
    6. Confirm proper beer flow.
    7. All long draw or remote beer system is recommended to have a Preventive Maintenance (PM) service to check function of gas and glycol systems.
    8. Please report any questions or concerns to A Head for Profits 855-502-7936


If your system was Hibernated by AHFP, please contact us to:

  • Conduct a routine draft line cleaning.
  • Sanitize external draft beer equipment.
  • Ensure gas source is turned on and regulators set to correct PSI.
  • Tap kegs and prime the system.
  • Confirm proper beer flow.

 Source: A Head For Profits



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